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Dealer Shipping Charges:  Please note: Dealers should disregard the above table of charges. This is for consumers only. All dealer orders are shipped via UPS ground unless otherwise requested. The standard ground charges are added to the bottom of your final invoice. Please contact us at 1-800-485-4909 if you prefer any different shipping method.

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Return Policy: All claims should be made within 10 days upon receipt of the shipment. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization. Items must be return in their original packing condition. If damage has occurred, in most cases it is due to the carriers handling of the product. If any boxes are damaged, please contact us immediately if we used our carrier, or contact your carrier directly if used. Product will need to be kept until the carrier has reviewed the damaged cartons. NOTE: If the carton is damaged in shipping, you must keep the carton for us to claim against the carrier. IF cartons are not kept, we will not honor the damage claim. If the damage or defect is not due to shipping, please contact us for replacement or refund. While there can occasionally be deck parts that come unglued during transit, we hope that our customers can re-attach those, or if any parts are broken and can be replaced by new parts, we will send those or replace the entire boat. If you are not at all satisfied with our product, please return it for a refund.